Fickling Insurance Consulting, Inc.
Kurt Fickling is in high demand for consultations, specialized training and agency valuations. In business since 2001, Fickling Insurance Consulting is built on W. Kurt Fickling’s career of 35 years in the property and casualty insurance business, including five years as an insurance company underwriter and 27 years as an independent insurance agent.

Kurt has a tremendous amount of experience in larger commercial property and casualty risk, both as an underwriter and a risk manager. In addition, he is instrumental in organizing executive management techniques for principals in independent insurance agencies.
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Kurt has developed four major areas of concentration in his consulting practice. They are:

Insurance Agency Management Consulting
Agency Valuations
Corporate Risk Management
Teaching Commercial Property and Casualty Continuing Insurance Education Courses

Take It To The Next Level is the theme of the insurance agency consulting program. This plan is designed to increase your sales and financial success. It is 3-year program which will help you understand where you are today, and then assist in creating a clear and concise objective for what your agency needs to accomplish in order to become more successful. In this program, we work with agency principals and their staff to develop their business plans, their strategic plans, and their financial and sales management plans. This includes systems and procedures within the agency, as well as errors and omissions prevention.

The Agency Valuation division uses 12 criteria to establish the value of an insurance agency. There are numerous ways to establish the value an insurance agency. The approach used by Fickling Insurance Consultants takes 12 different agency criteria into consideration, and then applies an appropriate financial model, which establishes a true value for the agency. In the past year, Fickling has worked with agents to purchase other agencies, sell their agency, and to establish value for estate purposes, perpetuation, divorce and bankruptcy.

In Corporate Risk Management, Fickling Insurance Consultants works with individual business or governmental entities to set up their property and casualty insurance program, set specifications, bid the insurance program, and then work in establishing safety and loss control programs.

If your agency needs specialized training, Fickling Insurance Consultants, working in conjunction with IIANC, offers Continuing Education Courses to meet the needs of your organization.